Visual Studio 2012 faster quick launch

Visual Studio 2012 gives quicker search result and this quick launch is at the top of in title bar and just before the control buttons of IDE window. [More]

Thank you C# Corner for Mindcracker MVP is a great platform for learning and imparting knowledge. Its appreciation to its contributors is unique and praise worthy. [More]

Happy Indian Republic Day

  May Indians Dream of a new shining tomorrow come true for all of us..Happy Republic DayThe Great India    

InvalidOperationException could not Find UpdatePanel with ID

"Sys.InvalidOperationException: Could not find UpdatePanel with ID ''. If it is being updated dynamically then it must be inside another UpdatePanel." Generally this error comes when you are trying to update an UpdatePanel from code behind and that UpdatePanel is inside an element (parent) that has hidden visibility. Some techies suggest you to use another UpdatePanel as a container of your this UpdatePanel. Keeping in mind that UpdatePanels are the region like PlaceHolders and not like Panel element. [More]