How to execute long running SQL query or stored-procedure from .net

SQL Server takes significant time to process (long running SQL statements) which leads to block the execution of your .net code i.e. main UI thread. [More]

Table Valued Parameter (TVP) in Jdbc Java

Jdbc Java driver doesn't have any direct support for Table Valued Parameter (TVP) in MS SQL Server's stored procedure. [More]

SQL Interview Questions on Stored Procedure

On the basis of name, visibility and availability, Temporary USP, further classified as - i) Local (#, to current user connection, auto deleted when connection is closed) ii) Global (##, to any user after creation, auto deleted when the last session using proc ends) [More]

Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 - new release

Microsoft has released Enterprise Library version 6.0 in April-2013. Enterprise Library is more robust framework or class library written with performance and resource management best practices. Instead of reinvesting the wheel for data access framework, or other, you can easily plug-in this library into your application. It has blocks for Windows Azure or cloud specific also.Enterprise Library is basically a collection of application blocks. These application blocs are for helping developers by providing reusable components (for example, Data Application Block deals for common data access jobs). These blocks are easy to plug-in into projects. [More]

Organized and presented at C# Corner Chandigarh Chapter meet on 03-August-2013

Being a Chapter Lead, I organized this event with help of executive members on technology discussion so named it “Technology Day”. We did this meeting on 3rd August at Unit Nexus Corporation, Zirakpur with help from SSS & Educational Society, Gorakhpur. [More]

Interview Questions based on practical understanding

It is a general practice to ask practical oriented questions that help interviewer to understand the ability of candidates. These practical oriented questions can be answered easily on the base of experience. Can we create a View on a table which is not exist in database ? (in MS SQL) When will you use View and when Stored Procedure? Can we disclose only 10 WCF functions out of 15 to a particular customer or user ? (in WCF) Suppose we want to charge customer based on no of calls made to our WCF function, so is it possible to do so in WCF? [More]

Can we create a View on a table which is not exist in database

In Oracle, it is created with help of FORCE VIEW with Create command. But, In case of MS SQL, it is not possible to create a View on table/view that is not exist in database. [More]

SqlException: Transaction count after EXECUTE indicates a mismatching number of BEGIN and COMMIT

Transaction count after EXECUTE indicates a mismatching number of BEGIN and COMMIT statements. Previous count = 0, current count = 1. [More]

Integrated Statement completion feature of MS SQL Server

MS SQL 2012 or its previous version MS SQL 2008 has inbuilt statement completion feature. This can be set for all languages or for T-SQL only. [More]

Custom Paging in SQL Server 2012

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has a customized clause for paging and it is efficient. Custom paging is the option for handling huge records. [More]