Custom Installation of software from Command prompt

This article is intended to explore the software setup way from command prompt. Mostly this is the requirement for silent installation, changing the default installation location for example from "Program Files" folder to somewhere else. [More]

Blogging Tips - manage your content-show with Tags and Category

You need to pay some special attention on your blog to make it more user friendly and maintain or engage your readers. [More]

How to Prepare for Interview - Secret of Success

I am here to not put you in the sea of that junk world or bore you with long stories. With due respect to online contributors, I would suggest you following success key points that guarantee you to crack an interview. [More]

Software Developer Interview Tips -1

Technical Questions vs Problem Solving - Every industry see different hiring approaches with time & manpower saturation. In software programming, now a days there is fashion of judging the analytical quality of candidates along with technical skills. [More]

Minimum education required for Software Development job

Does Software development(IT) companies consider undergraduates ? What are the minimum qualification required to get a job in software programming industry ? There is no predefined benchmark but Graduation is the minimum required qualification to be in bigger enterprises for software programming profile. [More]

How to use MySql with

Visual Studio is a very powerful IDE and very rich in terms of development tools/plugin. We can integrate MySQL for Visual Studio tool with it to make it able to expose/access MySql objects and data. [More]

File Size mismatch on FTP and local machine

Always prefer to use Binary mode in FTP transfers wherever it is possible. It guarantees you to copy all bytes of files and save you from any image file corruption. Generally image files like jpg, jpeg, tiff etc get corrupted when they are transferred in text mode. This post is the second one of Troubleshooting series [More]

Tourbleshooting with log4net RollingFileAppender

Be wise while putting your settings for RollingFileAppender of log4net. You may miss some entries due to your setting specified and land you in trouble while troubleshooting because no information would be available to you. [More]