My Journey to PMP - Part 1

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a certification to enhance your skills in Project Management and foster yourself in more accurate estimation of budget and schedule, better communication, smooth delivery of your projects. [More]

Conceptual-Diagram - a quick understanding in 2 minutes

Conceptual Diagram - To communicate an abstract idea in clear & concise way without lengthy explanations, a high-level visual representation is used to shows how abstract-concepts are related. [More]

Custom Installation of software from Command prompt

This article is intended to explore the software setup way from command prompt. Mostly this is the requirement for silent installation, changing the default installation location for example from "Program Files" folder to somewhere else. [More]

Web API, OWIN, Identity - a good collection of resources

A good collection of reading resources on Web API, OWIN and Identity [More]

C# Delegate – a silent hero behind modern programming

Delegate plays an important role in today's programming model where it is extensively used in Parallel Programming, Asynchronous Programming, PLINQ, Events & Callback methods, Func, Action, Predicates and so on. [More]

Google Apps for Work

Hot Deal! 20% Off on Google Apps for Work. Register your Google Apps through and avail 20% discount on your first annual bill. [More]

How to execute long running SQL query or stored-procedure from .net

SQL Server takes significant time to process (long running SQL statements) which leads to block the execution of your .net code i.e. main UI thread. [More]

Security options and scope in Web API

You might have gone through various articles on Web API security levels and options. This article is intend to give you a straight & short overview on it rather holding you for much times. [More]

Basic Understanding on ASP.NET Web API

Creating a Web API is as easy & simple as creating an MVC application. It follows same style of MVC with Routing, Model binding, Action Filters and so on. [More]

Multiple file upload in Visual Studio 2013

This post is intended to explain multiple file uploads in without using any third party controls or framework. This new enhanced control was introduced in Visual Studio 2012 and working smartly with enhanced .net framework with Visual Studio 2013 [More]