Interview Questions based on practical understanding

It is a general practice to ask practical oriented questions that help interviewer to understand the ability of candidates. These practical oriented questions can be answered easily on the base of experience. Can we create a View on a table which is not exist in database ? (in MS SQL) When will you use View and when Stored Procedure? Can we disclose only 10 WCF functions out of 15 to a particular customer or user ? (in WCF) Suppose we want to charge customer based on no of calls made to our WCF function, so is it possible to do so in WCF? [More]

Can we create a View on a table which is not exist in database

In Oracle, it is created with help of FORCE VIEW with Create command. But, In case of MS SQL, it is not possible to create a View on table/view that is not exist in database. [More]

What is SignalR ?

SignalR is new buzz in development technology. It is not going to replace but works for It is a technology ( in more technical words it is a library) that facilitate us to add real-time functionality into our based applications. It is very useful where high time/real time update is required like online group gaming, chat, stock trade etc. [More]

CS vs IT

CS or CSE is just like a superset of IT, it has more specialization than IT and must be preferred choice. It opens broader scope in terms of higher education, government job compare to IT. MSc (CS) vs MSc(IT) BTech(CS) vs BTech(IT) [More]

Distance mode technical courses - MCA / MBA

IGNOU's DEC has been dissolved wef 4 May 2013 and UGC is now main regulatory for Open & Distance Learning. Be smart while choosing institution or University for distance mode technical courses. [More]

Webinar on Windows Apps Development by C-SharpCorner Chandigarh Chapter on 13-July-2013

After successfully organizing an in-person Chapter Meet in Chandigarh, I am going to organize a Webinar (Live-meeting) on Windows Phone Apps Development. [More]

Organized and Presented at C-SharpCorner Chandigarh Chapter Meet on 29-June-2013

It was the first event in beautiful city Chandigarh from C#Corner. In June month only, I took the initiative and started Chandigarh Chapter with approval from Mahesh Chand sir. Soon, I met Lokesh Vij with reference of Brij Bhushan and then Aman jain as an Executive team member. Official Recap of Cha... [More]

Join me on 29th June to Learn jQuery with

I am excited to share you that on Saturday, 29th June’13, I will be conducting a session on “Starting with jQuery” at C# Corner’s Chandigarh Chapter Meet. This is the first event in beautiful city Chandigarh from C# Corner and my fellow speakers would be Lokesh Vij, and Ragha... [More]

Why JSON over XML ?

JSON(Java Script Object Notation) is syntax and can be said a data transfer pattern like XML but it is very simple as compare to XML’s structuring with nodes and attributes. [More]

Updating serial no in existing list using Linq

There could be many ways to update or change the serial number value in existing list. Using LINQ, we can update the serial number without using our normal loop. This can be done with help of Lambda Expression as below - int rowIndexNumber = 0; myExistingList.ToList() .ForEach(rowItem... [More]