How to get all existing indexes of a table in SQL

There is a system stored procedure “sp_helpindex”, which can be used to get the list of all existing indexes by supplying table name to it. We can use this stored procedure as –
EXECUTE sp_helpindex my_Table_Name
Let's see it by practical. I am creating a table with 3 indexes on it. I am creating 2 indexes while creating my table tblTestAKumar and later adding 1 index using CREATE INDEX command. By default CREATE INDEX command is going to add a Non-Clustered index to my table.
USE tempdb
DROP TABLE tblTestAKumar
AutoID int identity primary key nonclustered,
VendorCode varchar(50) unique clustered,
LastUpdatedOn datetime
We will add a one more index on LastUpdatedOn column using below command as-
CREATE INDEX indexLastUpdatedOn_tblTestAkumar ON tblTestAKumar ( LastUpdatedOn ) 
Now we will execute system stored procedure ”sp_helpindex”  by supplying our table as –
EXECUTE sp_helpindex tblTestAKumar
This gives us following result: