Important points while writing any WCF Services

Important points while writing any web / WCF Services should be taken care are as - 

a)      Availability

If you go to a known restaurant for which that is famous and after reaching you come to know that they are not providing services. How do you feel? So services should be always available.

b)      Responsiveness

If you order something at restaurant and waiter has not turned back after taking your order. Oops! You don’t have any idea what is going on in the kitchen or where is that waiter whom you given your order. So it should be responsive. You must be waiting for at least that waiter  will come back to you to say that this item is not available today or will take this much time to make it ready.

c)       Disciplines

Suppose waiter says that it will take 5 minutes to serve you, your desired item. After 5 minutes you ask him again and he says “sir 2-3 minutes more” and so on… It is not a good practice. You may have planned something and your time is going wasted. So services should be disciplined and it should not stop/block you for so much time.

d)       Reliability

If you ask for vegetarian items, waiter or restaurant must not serve you non-vegetarian items.

e)      Concurrent accessible

f)       Security