JQUERY 1.8 first BETA release

jQuery 1.8 BETA released !!!

The first beta release of jQuery is available and can be downloaded from jQuery CDN.

You can have a look into jQuery-1.8 beta-1 version (v1.8.0b1) at http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.8b1.js

jQuery v18beta.jpg


Few Highlight Features:

1.       Sizzle CSS Selector Engine

2.       Modular : building custom version of jQuery is easy. One can exclude module(s) if it is not require to him/her. For example today's modern browsers are having inbuilt animation supporting functionality with help of CSS, so while building custom version of jQuery, one can exclude animation module entirely. To do so you need to use an awesome tools “grunt” from https://github.com/cowboy/grunt . You can read this process in details here “What you need to build your own jQuery” at https://github.com/jquery/jquery/blob/master/README.md


3.       Browser vendor specific CSS properties : jQuery automatically generate the prefix to the non-prefixed property name which is appropriate for the current using browser. jQuery official blog specify it as –

For example, on Chrome the jQuery call

$("#myscroll").css("marquee-direction", "backwards")

will set the CSS to


-webkit-marquee-direction: backwards


Improved Animation : $.Animation is improved by fixing bugs and can be used for old browsers which doesn't have animation capability inbuilt.

Cross Site Scripting Attacks (XSS) protection handling

New $.parseHTML() : $() interprets strings as selectors, so to specify strings as HTML and parse as HTML, a new function $.parseHTML() is included in this version. 

 Read the original jQuery official blog here ... “JQUERY 1.8 BETA 1: SEE WHAT'S COMING (AND GOING!)