MPhil and PhD in Distance Mode will be not available

Sooner all phony PhD and MPhil degrees being awarded by some private state universities will stop as it will be not available in correspondence/open/distance mode. A good news for true learners! Many peoples were buying these phony degrees from some private universities who were involve in this kind of business through their agencies. Now, UGC and other corresponding officials are agree and planning to stop research courses in distance mode.

Distance mode courses were promoted to enhance our nation education level. But some business mans with help of corrupted politicians involved in degree sell scams. In last 2-3 years, you may have seen their agencies(good name is study centre) in small shops also. They don’t provide any kind of education and books. They just take some money and provide you, your required degree in 2-3 months of time. Had our media pointed these earlier, many youth career and money could have been saved. Many of our youth has been trapped into these universities as they are marketing smartly.

If a university has given a territory to offer some courses in distance mode, why it will advertise itself out of that territory even out of country? They know, it is easy to attract working professionals. Lure them for degree in attractive amount. Convince them by providing easy buy with no wait time. And offcourse, generally, these working professionals don’t have so much time if something happen in future. They are also buying to boost their career for now. Who care for future? Hmm. All this has spoiled our nation education system. Very soon some strict action should be taken.

I found it as a good sign by stopping research courses in distance mode but not as a solution. Will it solve our problem? No. It is not a good idea. Instead of stopping it, our officials should stop and take action against degree sellers.