About Us

CodePattern.net is being managed by a team of tech geeks. Objective of team is learning and imparting of the knowledge, sharing the expertise and providing education guidance. In January 2013, KM Prema took her initiative to launch this educational website. 

At the stage when a student leaves school, it needs a very meticulous, professional and honest advice or guidance helping him taking courses and its locations for being awarded a career where he/she feels at home and encourages to excel more in the domain and of course with a financially good career.

With the Sole aim and objective of the above an NGO is functioning around us. The SSS & Educational Society.

Our Expertise:

Readers feedback & support is the important key for the better quality, so let the feedback pour in, and help us in serve you improved content & move ahead.

For asp.net, C#, WCF, jQuery and MS SQL and all Training related inquiries,
please contact us at: [email protected]



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