CMJ University degree valid or not

If you look over internet, you will see peoples discussion regarding the validity of degrees that have been awarded by CMJ University and like others. This is because there is no clarity by our regulatory and governing bodies on it. We can say that our regulatory bodies don’t have full proof plan. These bodies live in idle during the scams and awake after a huge lost of student's money and time.

The most important thing is that CMJ University’s off campus degrees stands invalid because it was not permitted but CMJ University did it not only throughout the nation but out of country in name of Industry Integrated Mode by help of franchisees. This was really not something what is done in Industry Integrated education. 

CMJ appointment at CMJ University has been challenged and matter is in court. If it is invalid then other appointments done by CMJ, as an illegal person would be also consider as illegal and invalid. It means whatever degrees has been awarded so far will be treated as invalid. Regular campus students may get some relief from court. Others students, no matter how hard they did for earning degrees or just bought may not get relief from honourable court. It is my speculation and I don’t want to increase your heart beats. Everything depends on honourable court. But it has been seen that an illegal person can’t appoint and so everything stands invalid automatically.

Now, point is- Why action was not taken earlier to save lac of students career and money. After so long period, all authority got awoken about illegal things though it was clear in starting. Why our authorities not see these universities advertisements? There are many state private universities who advertise heavily to promote and offer courses outside the nation. Sudden, our authorities come and declare that this and that university has violated our norms so we are de-recognizing or dissolving. Hmm.

1. If any university’s recognition is not going to be renewed, these regulatory bodies( earlier DEC, now UGC) must publish it in newspapers and other media to give public awareness.

For example, consider SMU university. DEC refuged to renew its recognition but this university has taken admission till the last expiry date. (still they are enrolling students after taking stay order from honourable court). Now think, if an university has been de-recognized and it has enrolled students(consider 3 years course) during its recognition period, how it can award a degree in future? Isn’t it like awarding a valid degree while being invalid itself!!! Why not our responsible officials, automatically transfer enrolled students to some other valid university instead of allowing to keep students at a de-recognized university.

2.  If any university is being dissolved with immediate effect then there must be some plan for true and already enrolled students as it is a matter of their future.

As per my opinion, the very first announcement should be related with the future of already enrolled students, validity of awarded degrees and then action against university should be discussed. But, authority don’t care about students future and they keep dilemma regarding validity of degrees. Nothing is clear and no one want to open his/her mouth regarding this. Only honourable court is left for decision and up to that students has wasted so much time. Our peoples time loss means our nation loss.

UGC has given some public notice regarding CMJ University, but still there is no clarity. Refer below links-

UGC- Public Notice for dissolution:
UGC- Action for irregularities:
UGC- Report disclosure :


Post Extended On : 02-Sept-2013 

Many CMJ university's so called franchisee are transferring their students to some private universities as per their convenient. CMJ University victims should check other university before saying their Yes. Others, may be on the same track as CMJ university was and it will another gotcha! In fact these universities as well governing or concern officials are not bother about students career. It is you, who has to think and find out. The hard think is, concerning official would never reply your emails or phones(RTI can help you). This is the reason of existence of some money making peoples who has landed up with state private universities and spreading their wings to generate more revenue.

There are many state private universities like Ajim Premji University etc that don't compromise with quality education and providing only recognize courses. Industry Integration is definitely not meant to print false experience on a piece of paper and produce it for making candidates eligible and offering them degrees. BITS Pilani also offers Off Campus Work Integrated Learning Programs courses but they are know for providing good education. 

Candidates are require to get more awareness as our system is very dull. In market, there are many mushrooming centers that offer degree courses from various private universities. Most of these private universities are for making money and they don't care about student's career and future. They are making handsome money through their agencies/franchisees no matter what will be future of students.

I just noticed, there are many agencies offering Fast Track mode degree courses on ( a website known for selling/renting old things). What is going on? Many innocent candidates who don't know about norms will be trap by them and their future will be definitly in dark.

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