Why JSON over XML ?

JSON(Java Script Object Notation) is syntax and can be said a data transfer pattern like XML but it is very simple as compare to XML’s structuring with nodes and attributes. [More]

Updating serial no in existing list using Linq

There could be many ways to update or change the serial number value in existing list. Using LINQ, we can update the serial number without using our normal loop. This can be done with help of Lambda Expression as below - int rowIndexNumber = 0; myExistingList.ToList() .ForEach(row... [More]

Understanding WCF basics

WCF services writing and consuming related basic points are as in short -  Service : A service is a unit of functionality, available to the world on some contract or deal. Client : A Client is nothing but a service consuming party. It uses the required protocols to consume/use the exposed s... [More]

maintaining scroll position on Page Postback

Microsoft provides an property for pages " maintainScrollPositionOnPostBack". If this is set to true it works fine in Internet Explorer browser. But  maintainScrollPositionOnPostBack="true" doesn't work in webkit browsers correctly. some techies use hidden field to maintain the scroll position... [More]

Required field validator not firing on readonly textbox

Are you expecting a required field validator will fire on your empty textbox field (textbox with readonly property)? Well, it will not fire. You need to refer the behavior of asp.net validators. Required field validator is disabled for readonly inputs. But still you have a scenario where you wa... [More]

Show Update Progress on JavaScript function call

If we have defined Update Progress with Update Panel, this magic works automatically. In case, you want to show this explicitly, you need to write some code with help of Script Manager. The below lines of script code will do the job what we want. We need to place below script inside a <script typ... [More]

asp.net Panel with scroll bar

If you want to set vertical scroll bars with Panel by applying CSS ScrollBars="Vertical" only then it will not work perfect. In addition to ScrollBars, you need to apply one more css property wrap="false". <asp:Panel ID="myPanelID" runat="Server" Height="300px" Width="400px" ScrollBars="Vertical... [More]

Simple way of applying file downloads permission

There could be many ways of validating users before allowing them to download the files. In some applications, you can put direct URL of files into browser and can get downloaded from there directly. It is because that application don’t have user validations on file downloads. Users role can ... [More]