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There are many universities like CMJ who are in degree selling business. These phony degrees are being used by working professionals as well as some youngsters who have educational gap or not good percentage. Any one can easily buy any degree from these so called universities. These universities are claiming themselves with help of some unclear document that they don’t require to take any approval from AIU, DEC(though it has been dissolve now), AICTE, BCI etc. They are misguiding and making money. They have hired good PR to promote their degree selling business and competing each other. You can bargain course amount also.

CMJ university matter has been dragged into court. CMJ University officials are consoling their franchisees that matter is in court and wait for sometime. Hmm! Peoples are waiting in hope that awarded(better word sold) degrees may stand Valid by court. Poor franchisee holders, fight for money without waiting and being in words of CMJ university officials. Its clear and exposed, why are you hoping for a 360 degree dream change?

Recently, Maharashtra’s minister of state for higher and technical education DP Sawant said that Maharashtra government is going to lodge FIR against the fake degree holders. It is the first time, a state government is proactively investigated and found 36 phony degree holders(30 are from CMJ and rest are from some Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu based universities). It has given a strict message to others who are in the same boat for buying degrees. Now, people will rethink to buy a degree and apply on the basis of that degree. Experts says, that government may penalise them with sum what has been paid to these degree holders.

In last few years, many small shopkeepers even some dental clinics started working as facilitator of these universities. It was easy to buy an MBA in less than 25,000 and that is without waiting years(course duration). These universities had tied up with some third party technical service providers and these third party providers take care of all business. Fortunately, all these has been exposed and now media is buzzing. It will save many peoples time and career with money. I wish they had exposed it earlier and lot of money and peoples time could have been saved!

These University do sell any kind of degree. Whatever course you will enquire they will give you. There are still many universities actively doing this but their trend has been changed and charges are more than earlier!

A BAMU committee ( Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University) has identified 26 fake universities or degree sellers. Let me tell you this is small figure. You can find more than this. There are many who sell degrees without their existence. So there is no question arrives about following guidelines of UGC or any associative recognition body. This committee has done good work and atleast 26 are highlighted. These sellers made good sum by selling MPhil and PhD degrees in rupee 2Lac to 5Lac.

Now, DEC has been dissolved, and we can hope that UGC will be one point contact about any university and its distance mode course validity. Earlier there were two distinct body and DEC was responsible for distance mode education regulations. Due to this, these business mans(degree sellers or education mafiaas) were taking advantage.

Post Extended On: 10-Sept-2013

EILM University has been given notice from UGC for offering CMJU like Fast Track / One sitting/ without sitting courses through off-campus centers. This fresh notice was sent on 04-Sept-2013. You can see the Notice Letter CopyThere are many others and sooner they will also get exposed or come in limelight.

It seems that CMJU matter has given awareness and peoples are raising their complaint to concern authorities. It is a good sign and will help others to save their money and future.

Post Extended On: 10-Oct-2013

As a hope to get sympathy from state government ( as honorable court has wished in its verdict), many students are sending their details with proofs as a representation to higher technical education department of state government. Investigation is still on without clear clue and it is fading the faces of CMJU students who are still in positive hope. UGC has no clear voice on it (may be due to some rules technicality and its scope) and after apex court, now ball is in state government hand.