HCL Interview questions on WCF

These questions are from a walk-in of HCL Noida. (1) For what purpose WCF is used in your current project? (2) What is binding in WCF? (3) How many bindings are there? Have you ever used netMsmqBinding or netNamedPipeBinding? (4) If my hosted service is chargeable and I want to track the record that who has called/ accessed my service how many time, how can I do it? (5) I want to restrict the concurrent access of my service to limited users, how can I do that? Where this setting is done? (6) How session management is done in WCF? (7) How WCF service is secured? [More]

C# Object creation exercise test

What would be the output of-        classA { }     classB { }     classC { }     classProgram     {         staticvoid Main(string[] args)      &n... [More]

Important points while writing any WCF Services

Important points while writing any web / WCF Services should be taken care are as -  a)      Availability If you go to a known restaurant for which that is famous and after reaching you come to know that they are not providing services. How do you feel? So services sh... [More]

Will Distance Mode Education Affect My Career

Distance mode or Correspondence mode or Open mode education is being common in India. Government is planning to reach at remote areas with good quality of education. Premier institutions reach ex. IITs is now expanded. For faster approval of new distance university setup, a joint venture of DEC, AICTE & UGC has been come. [More]