Update Panel slowness problem

Here are few tricks which can boost the working of Update Panel as they eliminate/minimize the huge data transfer in asynchronous calls.   1.       Set the UpdateMode property conditional for each Update-Panel.      Ex.- UpdateMode="... [More]

Hover Event in jQuery

The hover requires 2 callback functions, one for "mouseover" and another one is far "mouseout". Thus we can say, hover is an ready made solution that is equivalent of binding these two events in following manner -

$('.myHoverClassNameComeHere').live('mouseover mouseout', function(event) {
if (event.type == 'mouseover') {
// do something on mouseover
} else {
// do something on mouseout
}); [More]

JavaScript vs JScript vs jQuery

Java Script was created by Netscape for their new version of browser. Initially they released this as part of Netscape Navigator 2.0 with a name "LiveScript". Later they renamed it with "Java Script". Note, Java is a programming language and completely differ. Actually at that time Java was being mo... [More]