maintaining scroll position on Page Postback

Microsoft provides an property for pages " maintainScrollPositionOnPostBack". If this is set to true it works fine in Internet Explorer browser. But  maintainScrollPositionOnPostBack="true" doesn't work in webkit browsers correctly.

some techies use hidden field to maintain the scroll position. They use JavaScript code to assign the vertical ( Y axis) position of screen into this hidden field. This value is later used to make the scroll but user get the page position where he has left before postback.  This hidden field can be placed at Master page and can be find at other pages as - 

$("input[id$='myHiddenFieldIdForMaintainingScrollPosition']").val("keep the value");

Later this position is maintained using the window.onload( ) method. window.onload( ) is executed everytime page/document is loaded into browsers. No matter whether it is MS IE or webkit browser. 

var usersYaxisPositionWas = $("input[id$='myHiddenFieldIdForMaintainingScrollPosition']").val();

This value is then used to maintain the position from window.onload( )