CS vs IT

MSc(CS) vs MSc(IT) ?

BTech(CSE) vs BTech(IT) ?

What should be chosen? Some will suggest CS and others will suggest you IT !!! Now, you are in big dilemma to choose a trade between these duos. Let's discuss on the basic level differences to understand it easily.

If you don’t have time to read this whole blog then for you I have below line to save your time…Laughing 

 “CS or CSE is just like a superset of IT, it has more specialization than IT and must be preferred choice. It opens broader scope in terms of higher education, government job compare to IT”.

Well, we will discuss below that why I said CS as a superset of IT. So, from above line, it is enough to understand that CSE is preferable over IT trade whether it is BE/BTech or MSc. In start of academic session, I get most questions on it whether I should choose MSc(CS) or MSc(IT) or same with engineering courses BTech(CSE) or BTech(IT).

I have gone through the syllabus of various famous universities of our country to find out the actual ground level differences. I got very small differences between these duos. Most of Universities has optional papers and 4-5 papers differences. The common thing is that CSE branch/trade has more programmatic papers than IT. IT syllabus is more close to technology understanding rather than understanding complex algorithms and solving/programming. To simplify it, let me give you an example (please take it as example only Smile)- CSE may have Robotics programming and its equal paper in IT trade may be Network Communication.!!! Sound pretty!

Now, coming to career prospective level. In, India, as I said above, I didn’t find so much differences in papers after comparing various famous universities syllabus and it can be a reason for almost all private organizations to treat both as the same. But, many state level government, PSUs, organizations see these duos with different angle. And thus you can notice more jobs for a CSE qualified than IT. Even for PhD or for MTech, many universities mentions CSE or its equivalent as its required qualification. CSE is specialized with more algorithm, programming skills compare to IT and that's why I said CS is superset.

IT syllabus are tailored considering broader prospective and so they lack of specializations. IT trade syllabuses are focused on what part of technology and covers understanding level. It can be helpful for finding business solutions rather than coding stuff. Don’t worry, if you are an IT guy it doesn’t means that you can’t enter into programming world, you can.

Only government and some organizations strictly differentiate these duos but others see them with same eye.