Conceptual-Diagram - a quick understanding in 2 minutes

What is a conceptual diagram?

- A high-level visual representation for showing relationship between abstract-concepts.


- To communicate an abstract idea in concise way without lengthy explanations.

What is used to create?

- It can include Symbols, Shapes and can be colorful. If symbols are used, a key should be affixed to indicate what that symbol represents.
- Arrows OR Lines are used as connectors.

Can have various version?

- Yes. Different version can be created for explaining the same thing to different level of audiences(expertise/knowledge level). For example- S/w experts may have different version than the users that  don't have any s/w expertise.

Where to Use?

  1. Planning & General Purpose

    • explaining Processes
    • explaining interactions of complex systems
    • explaining Business strategy
    • and so on...
  2. Problem Solving

    • solving abstract problems -> brainstorming
    • and so on...

Steps to design

  1. Find out the central idea which the proposed diagram intends to communicate.
  2. Place this central-idea in the center place i.e. heart of the diagram. In most of cases, this central-idea is written as text in a blank background shape.
  3. Find the other associated abstract concepts and fit them along with this central-idea. Note- Use only most relevant/important information otherwise so many lines/shapes will make confusion.

And that's all !