WCF related statements for evaluating True / False

Check your basic knowledge on WCF with following statements. Just check whether a statement is true or false. Good Luck! 

  1. SOAP is the only format for communication in WCF.
  2. WCF model uses schema and contract rather than class and types.
  3. Concurrent access of a service can’t be control in WCF.
  4. It is not possible to customize parameters in a WCF service call.
  5. Service-runtime constructs Endpoints by evaluating binding elements.
  6. In WCF, Binding comprises of transport protocol, message encoding, and security.
  7. A channel comprises of many channel-stacks that are specific to a binding element of Binding.
  8. Same item-names are automatically given a unique name for the sake of WSDL. (even in created proxy class)
  9. We can’t stop anonymous access on a WCF service.
  10. Endpoint can be change whenever any of Address, Binding and Contract is changed.


  1. False
  2. True  Refer: MSDN- difference between Schema and Type
  3. False Refer: WCF - throttling
  4. False
  5. wcf-interview-questions-answers-true-false
  6. True
  7. True
  8. True
  9. True
  10. False
  11. True

So, what is your score? :)  Hope you would have enjoyed these basic statements in context of WCF.