Adaptation : Darwinism And Agile-Scrum


“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent. It’s the one that is most adaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin


    I have studied in my school days about darwinism and found it quite interesting and learned a very good lesson from there. It talks a lot about 'Natural Selection' which can be understood as - organism arise and develop to increase the individual's ability to compete, and survive. The best thing is that the organism growth is getting inherited by the next generation.


    Now when few years back I got opportunity to be Agile and started learning about that, I found very interesting term called 'Adaptation', what was so special about this term, and I have started recalling my school days learning and I was more surprised to know that Adaptation I have learned long time back, that too with proven benefit of it. What I have concluded is that Darwinism is focused on the adaptation behavior of those species who have adapted the change for their survival.

So unknowingly they were all Agile and i was very familiar with this term and associated benefits as well. Now when we go to transform our organization or team in Agile way, we should understand and consider the proven benefit of adaptation and Darwinism may be helpful to understand in full. As i said that 'Natural Selection' is about organism growth is getting inherited by the next generation, and the same applies in Agile as well that once the organization/team is Agile the next generation team within the organization or re-structuring of the organization will inherit the Agile for sure.