jQuery change the label text on radio click

jQuery : How to change the label/span text when my radio option is checked or changed. I created this jsFiddle for someone, you can see it as -
HTML Code:

   <tr><td colspan="2"> <span id="labelMsgForRadioClick">Select your choice</span> </td>
     <td> <input type="radio" value="hagh" checked="checked" name="reg">حقیقی</input> </td>
     <td> <input type="radio" value="hogh" name="reg">حقوقی</input> </td>

jQuery /JavaScript Code:

$('input[name=reg]').change(function() {
    switch ($('input[name=reg]:checked').val()) {
    case 'hagh':
        $('#labelMsgForRadioClick').text('first radio was clicked');
    case 'hogh':
        $('#labelMsgForRadioClick').text('second radio was clicked');
        $('#labelMsgForRadioClick').text('select your choice');

See it in working ( click on Result tab) -

 Happy Bakrid to all of you !!!