IGNOU RC Chandigarh conducted induction meet for July session

IGNOU Regional Center Chandigarh Course Induction Meeting

IGNOU, a largest university of the world, is providing very good quality of education and serving nation with more than 35 Lac students/ Learners by its global presence. A report says that almost 20% higher education in India is done through IGNOU. It has presence in 40 countries and its programmes are well recognized and peoples join it without hesitations.

Today 01-Sept-2013, IGNOU Regional Centre Chandigarh conducted its induction meeting for July session students. I attended this meet at Punjab University and found quite impressive. Study centre officials guided students about IGNOU learning pattern, assignments, Projects, Study centre roles etc. A detailed brief on IGNOU programme pattern and  history was nicely discussed by Regional Director Dr. D.B. Negi. (In above pic, Dr Negi is discussing with July session students during induction meet). During this induction meet, students were offered a refreshment break with Samosa, sweet, and cold drink. After the meet, Programme offer letter and study materials were distributed to attendees.

Students at IGNOU Chandigarh Regional Center in a course induction meeting

It was very nice to meet with some dynamic retired officers who were also present as IGNOU student. They are really making a benchmark for our youngsters to be learner always. Life is full with ups and downs, responsibilities and off course it makes you to play different roles. Whenever you get a chance to learn, earn it. There is no age limit for true learners. There is much to learn and it can be done in any age if there is zeal, will and passion.

a DIG rank retired officer is student of prestigious IGNOU

In left picture, one of learner, a DIG rank retired officer sharing his passion on learning Urdu and that make him to join IGNOU certification programme. A true learner find himself as a learner always !!! No matter he is retired or still deputed.

The beauty of IGNOU open learning is, it is credit based programme and its programmes are recognized with concern regulatory body. For ex its MCA/MBA programme is recognized by AICTE as it comes under technical courses. IGNOU was established in 1985 and since then it is maintaining quality education by revising its syllabus time to time.

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S.C.O 208, First Floor, Sector 14,
Panchkula, Haryana-134109,
Phone: 0172-2590277 / 2590278 / 2578208,
FAX: 0172-2590279,
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IGNOU - Superior Quality of Education & Evaluation Pattern

Being a member of career expert panel at some web portal, I always suggest learners to prefer IGNOU, Madras University and some other central level universities over other state private universities. Few readers says that there are many challenges to pass IGNOU courses and they even ask me to have a taste of IGNOU before advice. Hmm!!! If a University is providing superior quality of education and having a good evaluation pattern in terms of exams, it is not a mistake of provider but learner who just want to get certificate or degree without putting their effort to learn.

Here, I would like to add one important thing that I have been student of IGNOU (my association with IGNOU started in year 2002 & passed with First Division) and have already seen its quality of education and education pattern. It is really awesome and praise worthy. Here you can’t clear your MBA by just ticking objective type question/answers likes some private state universities are offering to their distance learners. I don’t want to name them here but few of you must have guess whom I am talking about. If you are a learner, you love to earn a certificate with knowledge then these central level open universities are really for you. Otherwise, there are many state private universities where you can get degrees in lesser efforts.  

So, instead of claiming that passing percentage of students are less in IGNOU, one must honor its quality of education.