Organized and Presented at C-SharpCorner Chandigarh Chapter Meet on 29-June-2013

It was the first event in beautiful city Chandigarh from C#Corner. In June month only, I took the initiative and started Chandigarh Chapter with approval from Mahesh Chand sir. Soon, I met Lokesh Vij with reference of Brij Bhushan and then Aman jain as an Executive team member.

Official Recap of Chapter Meet can be seen here

We did our June month meeting on 29th June at Hotel Windsor, Chandigarh with help from SSS & Educational Society, Gorakhpur. At our very first event around 30 attendees registered at c-sharpcorner. It was a nice experience to have a telephonic discussion before the event with all registered attendees regarding events and having their views. Some were out of city but they listen me, given me some topics for next coming events.


There were around 20 audiences. We started the meet as per our scheduled agenda after a 30minutes delay in lieu of waiting outstation attendees. Some attendees joined us from Ludhiana, Patiala, Jalandhar, Ambala, Mohali etc. It was a pleasant to have such audiences who are really serious and keen to learn technology.


This meet lasted for around 4 hours. In this meet, Lokesh Vij spoke on new functions in MS SQL 2012. Following him, I discussed in brief about jQuery with I covered following points –

1.    Browsers behaviour

2.    How controls are rendered at browsers

3.    History of Browser Scripting Languages

4.    JavaScript and its use

5.    Limitations of these Scripting Languages

6.    JavaScript Libraries

7.    jQuery introduction

8.    jQuery power and its usage

9.    jQuery syntax, jQuery object, Default context for finding elements etc

10.jQuery basic selectors and use



And below are the audiences with happy faces after the meet-



After my session, Mohan Joshi from FIS, started his WCF discussion. 

I would like to express my sincere thanks to SSS & Educational Society – Gorakhpur, and C#Corner for sponsoring this event. 

You can see ppt here-


We will soon, announce our next event.