Jump Start CSS by Louis Lazaris; SitePoint

Jump Start CSS by Louis Lazaris, SitePointJump Start CSS  By Louis Lazaris

Publisher: SitePoint

Released: September 2013

Pages: 150

Louis Lazaris – a  freelance web designer and front end developer, nicely present the CSS rules & best practices through a single project example for all chapters in this book. It is a book, you will enjoy reading from the first to the last page. This book covers the practical aspect of CSS and it's way of presentation is very impressive. As soon as you start reading, you become excited to cover the whole example-project and start reading chapters one by one. This book is full with CSS fundamentals, nice ideas and approaches. I can say, author hold and drive you through the example project which is a recipe website design project. 

Author, Louis Lazaris has given a good effort in demonstrating the “basic to modern” concept in a practical manner. This book covers : CSS basics, Layout techniques, Images, backgrounds, Styling text & forms, navigation and many more.

As the book title “Jump Start CSS" suggest, it is really a good start up CSS book and prospective for novice to intermediate readers.

I have been playing with CSS since my programming life struggling days, and enjoyed reading this book which was provided by O’Reilly as a part of O’Reilly Reader Review Program.

Pros: Concise, Easy to understand, nice ideas & approaches, Well-written, real life project as a example

Best Uses: Novice, Intermediate

Overall: Good to go through. Language and flow is friendly.

If you really interested to learn about CSS, get this book. I am sure, you will not regret it but will definitely enjoy a quick learning in very less time.

You can get this book from O'Reilly: Jump Start CSS