Book Review - Visual Studio 2013 and .Net 4.5 Expert CookBook

If you are a .net developer, this book is sure for you. It has been written in that perspective which give you more exposure into how part of things. There are about 30 recipes that let you understand the power of visual studio 2013 in realistic manner. This book has around 300 pages. Each topic has been explained with "How to do it" and "How it works" sections that are really very helpful.

About Author

Abhishek Sur writer of this book is working as a Product Head in a reputed software firm, and has been a Microsoft MVP since 2011. He is a renowned Microsoft technology speaker and has expertise in C# and WPF.
What a developer need in his daily work and requires to boost his efficiency is covered in it nicely. How to write unit test precisely is also covered in a separate chapter. TFS integration, Configuring, Merging and Branching is good to put in this book as most of books miss this. You will happy to read this book. if you want to be efficient at work with good exposure of debugging then this is the right pick for you. You can find from basics of WCF 4.5 to REST brief with examples that add more value to this book. The book ended with exploring cloud part with Windows Azure.
Who is this book for?
As I said, this book is aimed for .net developers and targeting Visual Studio 2013 with C# as primary language. It can be used to advance the knowledge and better understanding. 
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Hope you would also like this book :)