Build a high-performing Team to Build Success

In this article author is advising that how to build such a team who is always hungry for success.

Success is something which could not be compromised in any circumstances. Um surprised with this statement, I know as I was too. Believe me this is not my philosophy but this is the universal truth, and almost all entities are based on this fact.

There are various scale to measure the success of an individual/team/organization, and lot many talks has been already made by experts on the same. This talk is pretty different as it will not talk about how to get the success.

I firmly believe in performing the right action on right time, towards a goal and forget the rest (default outcome would be 'SUCCESS', I bet). To do so we need right people in place, and getting right people and building a right team is always a big challenge. Here this talk will help you to build such a team.

In most of the organizations hiring of an associate is simply the hiring of an individual contributor, while almost all organizations talk about 'team spirit' in their different forums. Being an individual contributor is always good, but being a team member is much more anticipated. A team member's approach is pretty much different than an individual contributor. A team member always unite around a project's objective, while an individual contributor always worry about his/her task.

I have never seen a project which doesn't have a team, may be just 2 member including you but not alone. If you are alone means it's your hard luck and for sure something is wrong with your management.

So team is always there but unfortunately team culture is absent. In short term 'team' is just for managers, not for colleagues within the team, so a manager owns a team and team works for a manager. If you are not able to build a high-performing team, then its a question on your ability, get yourself diagnosed. And allow me to tell you that 'Probably you are acting as a boss, and it's creating several problems around. Be a leader which will solve the most of the problems.

how to build such a team who is always hungry for success

A boss is a guy who is always believe in authority, dictatorship, commanding, and truly expert of creating confusion. He shows authority by speaking louder or talking over others. Boss is someone who is becoming the source of stress.


A leader is a guy who is always ready to coach, mentor, demonstrate, develop and credit.

You might be thinking that I am talking a little fancy, but believe me this is what a successful team need. So don’t forget to build yourself before building your team as your leadership style and team communication is a key point.

I will advise to focus on your team to improvise the team’s dynamics so that they can help to each other to deliver a high quality of project.

Below points can help you to build a top class team:-

  • Helping Hand -

    We form a team so that they can help to each other, and can backup whenever needed. Consider yourself as a part of team and ensure team believe the same. Let them believe that they are together to help each other so that they can handle any obstacle to make something great.

  • Skill Development -

    Identify skills which are needed within team and facilitate them to enhance their skill-set to stay advanced.

  • Trust your Team Members -

    Before trusting on your team, first start believing on yourself that you have a great team and they are enough competent. This belief will help you to trusting on them, and allow them to lead their work.

  • Clear Vision -

    As a leader you should have a clarity in vision, but very importantly you shouldn't hide your vision with team. A clear vision will help them to improve/learn (any new thing) well in advance.

  • Lead from the Front -

    Keep a leader's temperament, don't let your team suffer due to your weaknesses. You as a leader need to encourage and mentor them, but most of the leaders often fail to see this need. Team should feel that they have a protector for any worse situation which will make them more united and focused.

  • Diversity within Team -

    While building a team, don't hire same minded people. As same minded people will think almost in same fashion, but to be a great team you need people who can think all around 360 degree. Hence diversity is pretty much needed in a team.

  • Accountability -

    This is not a most enjoyable space, but very important to be a high performing team. Avoid to create a false narrative about yourself and team, try to understand the strength and weaknesses of your team. Don't let your team overloaded with work and help them to understand their accountability. This can take a little while but be patient.

  • Transparency in Communication -

    Transparent communication is very important within team. What you say and do must be in sync. Don't do hollow and fancy talks, it should be precise and clear. Your commitment should be clearly visible in your talks, and develop this culture within team.

  • Appreciation -

    Keep appreciating for any small achievements, it has no cost but will boost your team. An appreciation is a kind of charger which always make them high.

  • Celebrate Team's Accomplishments -

    Last but not least, don't miss any opportunity to celebrate the success of your team. Celebration could be in any form, even just ordering some snacks. It is a power bank which will load lot of energy to them.

So deducing that adopting this kind of culture need a big change in you. So change yourself to be a leader of a great team.