How to Prepare for Interview - Secret of Success

Most of people (software developer/tester mainly) looks for materials on internet for clearing their coming interviews. They get fallen in trap of web which is full with so much online contents. Everyday, many of us started blogging and filling the internet world with their thought, ideas and sometimes with junk materials. In positive think, it increases the availability of better learning resource/content for learners. And that is here, most of learners get trapped. They start looking & searching to find out a better content.They just do it and their actual learning time get wasted in it.

how to crack interview -codepattern

I am here to not put you in the sea of that junk world or bore you with long stories. With due respect to online contributors, I would suggest you following success key points that guarantee you to crack an interview.

Stop searching of a better content

Be wise while surfing web in search of a particular topic. You may be fallen in trap of your own mindset in lieu of getting a better content. Just get a faithful learning resource and start learning from that. Otherwise you will be continue on this never ending process.

Stop collecting videos & tutorial articles

This is what most of us do. We waste time in making learning documents, collecting good contents to learn later on. And that never happens. Believe me, you would be always on the same place of searching, making and storing learning contents rather going through them.

Stop eyeing home pages of websites (no matter it is a particular author's blog OR a multi-author)

This is where most of learners get trapped. They keep their eyes on regular updates of their favorite author, websites home pages and waste their time in exploring the things that is really not on their priority.

One should set a goal and strictly focus on that only. No matter how interesting article/content you got accidentally while searching your particular topic. Just keep focus on your that particular point/topic and go though that only. This will make you a robust learner and you will find yourself that really you learned something. 

Okay, So what to do then ?

Well, you are here, it means me that you are agree with me on above issues. They are real barrier in our learning concentration. What I would suggest you is -
  • Just make sure that which topic is more important for you. You need to make a resolution here.
  • Make a learning target for your picked topic. e.g. I will finish it in 2 days, a week etc.
Now, try to solve your own questions by reading trusted and good resources. For example if you are in software development and on Microsoft stack, then may refer MSDN, resources. They are neat, brief and concise. You can find sample codes too from there.
"The best place I find for myself is StackOverflow. I tightly glue my mind with my question's context only so that it I can't fallen into the sea of other interesting contents. It really saves my much time to clear technical points in very lesser time than reading a big article."