My Journey to PMP - part 2

This part 2 in the series of 3, is about my strategy for self-study to crack PMP.


This post states about my self Study. Once the Training concluded the entire focus shifted on Self-study. It is the panacea for PMP.

2. Preparation/Self Study: My Journey to PMP – Part2    (current one)

Preparation: My Journey to PMP – Part2


In part – I of the series I discussed my experience in The Training. On July 26th the training ended with our PDU certificates and lots of Tips and Tricks.

Once training is over, next was the registration on PMI site. This registration will enroll you as a PMI member. It also helps in getting support and some discount in the exam registration. This registration needs the past work history in the Management to settle the eligibility criteria. This is little lengthy task as I had to segregate my work hours in Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Closing.  Once I submitted I was to wait for a week for PMI’s scrutiny or direct approval. I got the approval after a week.

Once I get green signal from PMI, arrives next is getting the exam date, without which my study plan could not be fixed. Someone has rightly said….

Precisely, till you have the goal you can’t plan your strategy. As per my trainer’s tip of at least 3 months of study is needed if you study for 3-4 hrs. regularly. So I planned for October end, and started to prepare for exam accordingly. I followed the trainer’s instruction strictly.  

He gave us three heuristic approaches to crack PMP.

1. Divide your study into three phases. First read from surface, 2nd make notes and in third round deep study.

2. Daily 4-5 hrs of self-study time. 

3. Do at least 10 mock questions daily. 

I found 10 pm – 2 am, as the solitude time suits me as a working professional and having balance with family. I think this journey would have been tougher had my wife and other family members (specially my younger brother and my mom) had not support relieving me of all worries. My better half took the entire responsibility of kids. She used to prepare tea in the late nights to keep me awake, helps in revising my notes. Thank you wifey . 

Till August mid, the study was off and on, but after the Independence Day I became a bad master for myself and motives my mind to study. I planned few days of vacation from office during last days of preparation. By September end I feel like I am gaining some confidence but still my mock score were below the passing marks which was my biggest concern.

By this time I had read PMBOK thrice, still my answers were not matching with mock. I introspect the reason and culprit came to be my mind itself. I realized that the way I elicit the questions option is wrong. I tried to identify the root cause of the wrong questions.

I took a leave for few days to fully concentrate on PMP and it worked. But 3 days before the exam I realized the preparations are not at par to the expectation and I need to reschedule the exam. And I did. Now I think I was a good and calculated risk assessment.

I thought to plan and reschedule the exam till December as November was a festive season and I didn’t want to spoil the family get together. Moreover, I was also looking for some rest from the last month’s hectic and tiring schedule. 

After Diwali I don’t know how but suddenly my mocks started improving, my recalling the PMBOK enhanced, my confidence level reached at next level. 

I again took a few days’ vacation from the office and put myself into a study mode. I guess except 2-3 hours of sleep and around two hours in food and daily activities, rest all time was in PMBOK and mock. Before I got ready for the exam I attempted around 4000+ mock tests.

Next post will about attempting exam…..


--- @AbhishekChd