My Journey to PMP - part 3

This 3rd and final part of the series talks about the D day. The exam day.


In the last two of the series we discussed about training and Study preparation. Now after all training and study it was time to crack the exam. After rescheduling the exam from October to December I was into pressure to crack it.

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Cracking Exam: My Journey to PMP – Part 3


Like I said in the previous part that after Diwali break when I started focusing on the PMP study materials the stuff got smoother. My mock results started getting better. My confidence level boosted and after few days it feel like I can crack it.

Then came the D day. I took morning train from Chandigarh and went to Delhi (Gurgaon) a day before, so that I can be relaxed and have the final touch up of study material. I reached there by 10.30 am and went to my relatives whom I already informed. I called up the customer care there, to get any last minute information. They just asked me to arrive along with my ID proof. I did the revision and final touchup to the best I could do at that time. In the evening all working members of the family came from office and we started having chit chats. Everyone was just boosting my confidence, ask me to avoid further revision. But my mind was inculcated with all the stuff of exam. After the dinner I thought to just give a last go through of the key areas. But as I started layers and layers of new “yet to do” appeared. That night was one of the nervous nights of my life I studied whole night and hardly slept for 3 hrs.

I woke up at dawn, around 5 am and took my bath, had my breakfast and rushed for the center. I reached prometric center by 11.30. As my exam time was at 12 pm, they asked me to wait for 30 mins. I just waited outside their premises and started peeking study material again.


At 12, I entered the lab, kept my luggage in the locker, and had my ID verified and biometric. I was thoroughly scanned before I entered the lab. I was given instruction for do’s and don’ts for next 4 hours. I was allotted a seat with a headphone and my ID card. Rest all in the locker outside.


My 4 hours started at 12.30 pm sharp. 200 questions in 240 mins. The timer started ticking towards zero. I just closed my eyes took a deep breath and jumped. I just followed the strategy of my instructor. In round one I marked all the question which I knew. Then I started answering the rest.

I don’t know when those 4 hours completed. I was left with 18 seconds and was the time to press the final submit button. I can’t put that moment into words. That was similar kind of thought that Amir Khan thought of on the last ball in movie “lagan”. I pressed the button and closed my eyes. After few seconds when I open my eyes a pop up window with a big Congratulation! I jumped….

I called the guy in the room who was monitoring all participants. I asked him for next to do.

He asked me to leave the seat and come along with him. At the reception, I was congratulated by all present there, I was handed the exam result with my proficiency level in different areas.

With enormous joy and a feeling of achievement I came outside to collect my luggage and belongings from the locker. Meanwhile I met with another guy coming out from the lab with exactly the same feeling. Had a conversation for few minutes. In that moment of jubilant we forgot that others are being disturbed. We came out of the center and exchanged our joy, study strategy and lot more stuff. I called my lady love to share my achievement.

I had chat for around 40 mins and he insisted to drop me to nearest metro station as I was to rush back home (Chandigarh). I took the 7.15 pm train and now the journey seems long as I wish to reach the soonest. When I reached home, I can’t explain the feeling, the joy the love I could see in my family members.


Next day all my colleges, Friends wished me on my achievements.

When I think back I feel hadn’t I thought that day about my future which implicit career growth, I couldn’t had this story to share.


--- @AbhishekChd