Scrum Methodology - An Introduction

It is a part of Agile framework which basically talks about dealing the complexity of software development and to streamline the development process.

Scrum uses below terminologies:


Scrum Master:

Scrum master is a coach for the product management team and to make sure the actual realization of the goals of the sprint and guide to follow the scrum methodology.


Product owner:

Product owner is basically responsible for prioritizing the product backlog, and actually owner of the Product who is pretty similar as customer.


Feature Team:

This is the actual development team who deliver actual feature/product.


Scrum Team:

Scrum team = (Scrum Master + Product owner + Feature Team)



Sprint is a highly prioritized task-set for 3-4 week on which feature team works on.


Sprint Planning Meeting:

This meeting to get agreed by Feature team with Product owner that what are the stories (features/tasks) will be taken in the sprint.


User Stories:

This is basically told by Product-owner and it’s a short and precise description of new features/bugs.


Product Backlog:

Product Backlog is a prioritized to-do list.


Sprint Backlog:

Sprint backlog is highly prioritized task-list from product backlog.


Daily Scrum:

Daily Scrum is a small meeting during sprint to talk about the context for each day’s work and to make sure that team stay on track.


Release Burn-down Chart:

It’s a visual measurement tool which depicts the completed work per day against the projected rate of completion for the current sprint release.


Sprint Review:

After completion of sprint team undergo for a meeting where they demonstrates the completed functionality and do any if-but analysis.


Sprint Retrospective:

Sprint Retrospective is a meeting which is getting placed after completion of each sprint to understand that how good/bad the scrum process is getting applied and what are the changes for next sprint is required.




Brief about Scrum process:

In scrum methodology Product owner creates an action items (to-do list) in a prioritized order which known as Product backlog and team selects high prioritized items for a spring which is known as Sprint backlog. From Sprint backlog feature team can take any action item for implementation, and scrum master ensures that the development process must go with scrum methodology (values and practices of scrum). Scrum master is not responsible for any delivery or delay. Scrum master is a coach for scrum methodology. Feature team with Product owner is responsible for delivery or delay. At the completion of each sprint the team should produce some incremented product which is working software. During sprint cycle, team should do meetings (daily scrum) to understand the daily deliverables, any gap or hurdle.


Hope it will give a familiarity about scrum methodology. Happy Learning!