Important points while writing any WCF Services

Important points while writing any web / WCF Services should be taken care are as -  a)      Availability If you go to a known restaurant for which that is famous and after reaching you come to know that they are not providing services. How do you feel? So services sh... [More]

Will Distance Mode Education Affect My Career

Distance mode or Correspondence mode or Open mode education is being common in India. Government is planning to reach at remote areas with good quality of education. Premier institutions reach ex. IITs is now expanded. For faster approval of new distance university setup, a joint venture of DEC, AICTE & UGC has been come. [More]

Received 2012 mindcracker MVP Award

It’s my great pleasure to get the Mindcracker MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for 2013 (Dec-2012 to Dec-2013). This award is given for my contribution towards Articles, Blogs, Interview questions, and in Forums on C# corner is a great platform for .net resources. Though it is providing resources beyond the Microsoft Technologies. [More]

New programming job trend

MVC, Entity framework with WCF is in demand. HTML5 is expected to be launched by the end of year 2014 but it is buzzing more than others. Others in race are: CSS3,Entity Framework, jQuery, Cloud computing, KnockoutJs... [More]

The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly

"The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly." This exception can be avoided by checking- 1) The return type and make sure it is serializable. and 2) Make sure your Enum values are matched with the values stored inside tables. This is the very critical situation because you don't expect it. [More]