Facebook Tips - Post Privacy group, Follow button on your Profile

How can people get my public posts in their news-feeds without adding them into my friend-list? Just like Facebook Pages?

Let people subscribe to your public posts without adding them into your Friend list. Most of people avoid to have big friend-list in fear of losing their near-n-dears feeds.

But there are so many people who really love your writings/posts and they want your public posts in their news-feeds. So, what to do? People fallen in dilemma whether to create a new public Facebook page or another Facebook profile for family & friends.

There is a good solution provided by Facebook and that is- Enable the Follow button :) Yes, anyone from the outer world(who are not in your friend-list) can follow your public posts. Whatever you will post for public will be available them in their news-feeds.

How to set Post-Privacy while posting?

Whenever you write your status/post, there is option of privacy, whether this content is meant for-


  • Public
  • Friends, Friends except Acquaintance, Close Friends
  • Family
  • Your colleagues (here you can choose a particular company/organization)
  • Acquaintance
  • Customize yourself using Custom option.


Your Facebook profile is richer in functionalities than page. In this way, you can allow outer world to follow your public posts just like Facebook Page and still enjoy with your friends with Facebook User Profile.


How to enable your 'Follow' button?


  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Click on Public Posts in left column
  3. Choose Everybody next to Who Can Follow Me (Refer below screen-shot)


That’s it! You are done :) Now your profile will have additional button “Follow” (refer below screenshot)-

You can read more at Facebook Help Center, here- https://www.facebook.com/help/follow/


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