Blogging Tips - manage your content-show with Tags and Category

how to manage blog category and tags - blogging tips
In addition to posting unique quality contents, you also need to pay some special attention on your blog to make it more user friendly so that coming readers/users can stay & explore more posts there. I can agree you that being a technical blogger, it is not a easier job to maintain SEO thing and other stuffs for your blog. But, following are some basic and easy rules/ ideas that will help you to maintain a healthy visitor book of your blog & increase web traffic too -

Minimize or Limit Category :

Plan post category smartly and make it limited/minimized as much possible. If you found more than 10 category for your blog post then it means your blog is not a niche blog, like mine here. Search engines love to get indexed and mark your blog in particular category so that they can produce better search results. Their category marking is based on your content. So better to maintain it by making your blog a niche blog. If you have different-flavor to share, go for another domain.

Remove Subcategories:

If you are maintaining sub-categories then it will annoy your readers and result will be more bounce back. It is most confusing idea so avoid it.

Managed Tags cloud/ Keys:

This is one of the most success keys for engaging your reader on your blog post. These keys are the main lookup of search engines too. So, it required your more attention. There is no limit on nos of tags, but some blogging platform uses a closed relation/association with category, so it should not be huge too. These tags are often uses as meta keys, and thus it should not exceed 4-5 tags/keys per post. Since, these tags are the most organized organic item to list your content, it should be unique too.