Agility derived from Ant Organization

In this article author is relating the Ant organization with Agile framework as he believes that Agile practices are very old and many of the places it's default.

Whenever i look at Ant's organization, i always get inspired by their dedication and commitment, and one thing which I admire the most about them is their Servant-Leadership quality. I have watched them carefully and never found that queen is commanding and controlling them. They are self organized and able to execute what it makes to serve the queen.
    I have been Agile in last few years and as per my weakness i couldn't stop co-relating my past learning with Agile framework. As per my understanding of Agile framework it is somehow taken from Ant Organization.
Ant organization with Agile Framework

Let me try to justify the same:

Goal Oriented

              The primary goal of an Ant is to serve the queen, and they do it as per their best. Same applied with Agile team and they must be goal oriented to serve their task/work-items to client.     

Servant-Leadership Attitude

              The queen never do commanding and controlling of them, and Ants are self organized which is also applied to Agile team to be self organized.     

Constant Communication

              Ants do constant communication, which I have proved with small experiment. I have dropped a few sugar crystal around the Ants area and soon I found that more Ants are gathered, and I have concluded that they must be communicating using pheromones. Same applied to Agile team and they are expected to do constant communication.