Is correspondence courses Crime in India?

This view is common in ordinary peoples eye just because of few private universities who sells degree for few thousands rupees. India has seen many education scam and shut-down of 40+universities in one shot( case of Chhatisgarh state). You may heard how SMU made huge money by violating the norms of distance education council of India and made billions with help of false & misleading advertisements over TV, Internet, and in News papers.
Last year, we saw a big scam of "CMJ University" which made hundreds of crore in just 2-3 years of its degree selling business! You can find how peoples cried(refer comments of few victims on my other posts) after the expose of scam through their PhD degree fraud. So many people lost their money & time.

These incidents, had impacted a lot and here, in India, people hesitate about distance or open mode education. If you are applying somewhere for job, recruiters are likely to prefer candidates from central or state universities or reputed autonomous institutions like IIT, IIM etc. In some countries, open & distance mode education is almost equally weighted to regular one; But in India it is not the same.

Don't be panic to read this post. It doesn't conclude that all open education are not valuable. There are many good central universities in India, still providing good quality of education. There are so many peoples who had done their education in open or distance mode are working at prestigious position in many reputed MNCs. I accept, many MNCs has some criteria and they don't take those who has educational gap, distance or open education, along with the barrier of certain scoring-marks-percentage. But one should not bother about these few MNCs. There is more than them in this colorful world :) 

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