Income Tax Return(ITR) form changed to Prevent Money Laundering

Updated News: 19-Apr-2015, Govt. puts new ‪‎ITR‬ form on hold after facing so many criticism in social media. Now, no need to give information of your ALL ‪‎Banks accounts.
Indian CBDT department has changed ITR form for year 2015-16 to prevent money laundering. This time, ITR filing form will have a column for the Aadhaar number.
Once your Aadhaar no is linked & verified, ITR filing return verification will become more easier for the department as well for tax payers. So far, we have to send a hard copy of filed ITR and from this year e-format sending will work.
This time, taxpayers must give the information of his/her all bank accounts including those bank a/c which you have closed last year and were in use. And, if you hide anyone of your accounts, then a strict legal action will be taken against you on finding the same.
Now, you required to provide following mandate information -
1. Your all bank account details:
A/c no, IFSC code, bank name, address. If you have joint a/c then give the name of that person. :) I think extra marital affairs of Indians is going to expose too. (just kidding :)
2. Account Balance:
How much amount was in your each of the account until the end of the financial year.
3. Passport details:
Do you have passport? From where it has been issued?
4. Foreign Trips details:
5. Foreign Investments details
So, be prepared this time with much information. Start looking int your idle/ignored/dead accounts to get the exact balance amount :)