.Net Interview Questions

There could be many thousands interview questions on .net and few of them are asked in different companies. I can say that there are some core level questions that repeated in interviews and almost each company.
For SQL top 10 interview questions, please refer my previous blog Top 10 interview questions asked for dot net developer position
Generally about 10 questions are asked from different section of .net. and I am here to just summarizing them category/section wise. Hope it may be help you out to get your desired job.
1.    CLR and CTS,CLS related question
o    What are the important roles of CLR ? How CTS and CLS differ?
2.    GC(Garbage Collector) related
o    What is Garbage collector and how it works?
o    What are the different phases in GC and how it works?
o    How to force to run GC? What is managed code?
o    When you use Window API, it is managed or unmanaged code?
3.    Assembly related
o    What is dll hell? What is Assembly and how a global assembly is created?
o    How Assembly is differing from Namespace?
o    Can we see Assembly?
o    What is Manifest?
o    How versioning is maintained?
o    What is GAC and how it is maintained?
o    What is Delay signing?
o    What is Reflection?
o    What is satellite assembly?
o    What is NGEN.exe?
4.    Value type and Reference type related
o    What is Boxing/Unboxing?
o    What are Value types and reference types?
o    What is CodeDom?
o    What is IUNKNOWN interface?
o    Difference between Ref & out
5.    Exception handling and Logging related
o    Difference between System exception and Application exception?
o    How to know the reason of exception being occurred for a particular user and what action you would to take to fix that.
6.    Data handling and Controls related
o    What is connection pooling
o    What is different type of data controls
7.    Life cycle and basics related
o    HTTP Handler, Module
o    Order of execution of Page_Load event in content page with master pages, user control pages.
o    PostBack and Async PostBack and UpdatePanel
o    Dynamic controls
o    What are .pdb files
8.    Authentication modes
o    Different session management for not loosing state/session.
o    How Security is maintained
9.    Controls & Accessing controls values related
o    How to access Html control values at server side(code behind)
o    How to access User-control / Master page ‘s control from content page
o    How to access Content page's control from Master page
o    Difference between UserControl & CustomControl
10. Data transfer over pages related
o    Different ways of transferring user data over pages
§  Client Level
§  Server Level
o    Transferring control and their difference ( Server.Execute, Server.Transfer, Response.Redirect)
Best of Luck!!!:)