.net Interview Questions for Mid Level Developers

In this blog, you can find important .net interview questions. This covers only .Net technology/mechanism. For other questions you can refer my previous blogs - Top 10 interview questions asked for .net developer position and .NET Interview Questions

1. Can you give 5 HTTP status codes with their means?

2. Describes HTTP verbs- GET and POST. Which one is by default? What are the pros & cons of using each of them? Can you write syntax of simple form based page in html? What is HEAD in Http requests and what kind of data can be   transport via HEAD.

3. How can you access web page's simple html elements (without runat=”server”) at code behind (server side)?

4. Describe Web gardening in details.

5. How Cookies works? What are the main threats in using it?

6. How HttpModule works?

7. Have you ever used HttpRequest.ValidateInput()? What it does?

8. Is new thread is created for each request? How HttpRequest uses threads?

9. Can we have multiple <head> tag in an aspx page? How many <form> can be there in an aspx page? What is base.init()

10. What does base.OnPreInit(e) do? When AutoEventWireup=”false” is required?

Best Of Luck ! :)