Software Developer Interview Tips -1

Technical Questions vs Problem Solving Questions

Every industry see different hiring approaches with time & manpower saturation. In software programming, now a days there is fashion of judging the analytical quality of candidates along with technical skills.

Even most of companies hires logical & analytical mindsets even they have not perform good in their technical interviews(theory-understanding). Now development fashion is being changed and Agile pattern in which Scrum is playing an important role is playing an important role. Writing Unit test cases are important part of development and expectations from programmers are more.

For a fresher, questions are not so tough and generally asked what has been done in schooling.

Is there any harm in bulk emailing of my CV in hope of getting an interview call?

May be they will shortlist my CV if any opening fallen down? 
I am a fresher, and not seeing much openings at fresher-level, should I keep emailing my CV using a directory of IT Company ?
If you are looking for directory of software companies (emails) to send your resume in bulk then it is not suggested and don't be spammer. It also frustrate to job seekers.

I would suggest you to prepare a list of MNCs or big enterprises like InfoSys,, Wipro, TCS etc on the basis of your qualifications criteria and apply them once there are some vacancies. Don't waste your time for them and just start your career with small/mid level companies. You would be earning as well learning with them. Later, it would be easy to go for giants/MNC once you have some experience.

Fresher resume sample for software developer job (what should be in my CV) ?

No doubt, anyone from other IT-segment can make their career in software development. You need to groom yourself with technologies well and you would be getting started in programming arena. You may refer - Tips for making your CV impressive

Be noted that you may not get good package at starting as you may be withdrawing somewhere with your experience. You may be treated as fresher for programming arena. What segment you are working also matters and if employers found that your domain knowledge may benefit them, they may offer you good package too.

Resume is not the thing that can advocate on behalf of you to get a job in programming. So, be ready with programming skills.

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