Is MCA or MBA required to experienced software developer

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Question: I 'Abc' have graduated in non-engineering stream(ex. BCA/B.SC/B.Com/B.A etc) and working in a software company for 'n' years. Should I upgrade my educational qualification for future prospective? If Yes, then should I go for part time MBA or MCA ?

[OR - in short]

Is Part Time MBA a good choice for Masters-degree for Programmers who are from non-engineering background (BCA/BSc/BCom/BA etc)?


It is always good to have sufficient qualification to get stand at platform to demonstrate your skills. Remember, you can't demonstrate your skills unless you get a chance and what if that is on the basis of educational qualification?

So, don't waste your so much time and go for higher education. Day by day our education level is increasing. Few years back, government stopped recruiting 10th pass candidates as clerk and increased the minimum qualification to 12th.

Had you done engineering(BE/BTech), may it not required in future but for guys like you who has don B.Sc./ BCA are highly advised to earn their masters. MCA is taken equivalent to BE/BTech (don't confuse one is master degree and another is bachelor). So, for brighter future, you should go for MCA. Also, don't go for 1 year M.Sc in short-cuts (just getting master degree) as some education counselor may misguide you for this.


In addition to this, you need to be choosy while selecting a university for your course. I prefer Central universities, and State govt universities and recommend them over private and deemed universities. Most of central universities like IGNOU has their authorized study centers throughout the nation and it is very beneficial when you relocate to different city. It gives you more freedom to switch your job in better prospective package in anywhere without breaking your education. Your second priority should be state government university and then private & deemed universities. Choosing private state university should be your last option. Generally, they are costlier and most of them are run by business-mans. They may not be bother about quality education but involve in revenue generation only. Even it has been seen, that they start taking admission without taking approval from concern regulatory bodies. So, you need to take caution here, otherwise you will loose your money with time.

Since, MCA is considered as technical course, it should be recognized by AICTE. (be noted that universities/institution highlight themselves that they are AICTE approved. Don't be in their word and check if particular MCA course is recognized or not. They may show you few months before, honorable court has said that AICTE approval is not necessary, but be careful.