Top 10 interview questions for dot net developer - SQL

In this blog I am not going to write a big epic on how to crack interviews but just briefing on it i [More]

jQuery Slice() method more flexible than substring()

jQuery slice() method is very useful and give more flexibility than substring method of jQuery. It takes 2 parameter and both are optional. If none is specified then it sliced the whole. Important thing with this method is that it doesn't consider the last sliced item in its result.    Is... [More]

Sealed Class in C#

Understand Sealed Class in C# programming [More]

JQUERY 1.8 first BETA release

jQuery 1.8 first BETA version is released and can be experienced by downloading it from jQuery CDN. [More]

How to find checked value of radio button using jQuery

We can find the checked value of a radio button using :checked attribute and radio button's name as a selector.    

System.Web namespace

The System.Web namespace contains the important base level ingredients for ASP.NET applications. System.Web namespace is an important base for Web Form user interface and web services. Use of Built-in Objects like Request and Response are very common and widely used. We directly write them without creating objects as they are built-in objects.This namespace has following built-in Objects : (1) Request (2) Response (3) Server (4) Application [More]

List of all Tables without Indexes in MS SQL

How to get the list of all tables that are not having any indexes on them : Today, I got a question on this and decided to put the way here also.  SELECT [name] AS Tables_Without_Indexes FROM sys.tables WHERE OBJECTPROPERTY(OBJECT_ID,'IsIndexed') = 0 ORDER BY 1; The above statement will giv... [More]

How to get all existing indexes of a table in SQL

There is a system stored procedure “sp_helpindex”, which can be used to get the list of all existing indexes by supplying table name to it. We can use this stored procedure as – EXECUTE sp_helpindex my_Table_Name [More]