Data Types in C-sharp

C# language is very rich in terms of Data Type support. I have drawn a simple Drawing on its data types which explains itself. [More]

What is jQuery Object

A jQuery object contains a collection of DOM elements and when filtered using some selectors, this object contains “matched-elements” or “selected elements”. This jQuery object is like a special array on which we can call length method but not join(). [More]

jQuery $.each and $.fn.each

$.each is a jQuery core method where $.fn.each is a jQuery Object Method. [More]

.net Interview Questions for Mid Level Developers

a set of 10 questions asked in .net interviews for mid-level developer position [More]

Custom Paging in SQL Server 2012

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has a customized clause for paging and it is efficient. Custom paging is the option for handling huge records. [More]

.Net Interview Questions

There could be many thousands interview questions on .net and few of them are asked in different com [More]