Organized and Presented at C-SharpCorner Chandigarh Chapter Meet on 29-June-2013

It was the first event in beautiful city Chandigarh from C#Corner. In June month only, I took the initiative and started Chandigarh Chapter with approval from Mahesh Chand sir. Soon, I met Lokesh Vij with reference of Brij Bhushan and then Aman jain as an Executive team member. Official Recap of Cha... [More]

Why JSON over XML ?

JSON(Java Script Object Notation) is syntax and can be said a data transfer pattern like XML but it is very simple as compare to XML’s structuring with nodes and attributes. [More]

Show Update Progress on JavaScript function call

If we have defined Update Progress with Update Panel, this magic works automatically. In case, you want to show this explicitly, you need to write some code with help of Script Manager. The below lines of script code will do the job what we want. We need to place below script inside a <script typ... [More]