How to Prepare for Interview - Secret of Success

I am here to not put you in the sea of that junk world or bore you with long stories. With due respect to online contributors, I would suggest you following success key points that guarantee you to crack an interview. [More]

Software Developer Interview Tips -1

Technical Questions vs Problem Solving - Every industry see different hiring approaches with time & manpower saturation. In software programming, now a days there is fashion of judging the analytical quality of candidates along with technical skills. [More]

WCF related statements for evaluating True / False

In this post, there are some basic WCF related statements for checking whether they are true or false. Its for a practice purpose. Well what is your score? [More]

Tell me something about yourself

For a technical position, your answer should be limited to 1) your education 2) your experience and 3) skills that is required for applied position [More]

SQL Interview Questions on Stored Procedure

On the basis of name, visibility and availability, Temporary USP, further classified as - i) Local (#, to current user connection, auto deleted when connection is closed) ii) Global (##, to any user after creation, auto deleted when the last session using proc ends) [More]

Interview Questions based on practical understanding

It is a general practice to ask practical oriented questions that help interviewer to understand the ability of candidates. These practical oriented questions can be answered easily on the base of experience. Can we create a View on a table which is not exist in database ? (in MS SQL) When will you use View and when Stored Procedure? Can we disclose only 10 WCF functions out of 15 to a particular customer or user ? (in WCF) Suppose we want to charge customer based on no of calls made to our WCF function, so is it possible to do so in WCF? [More]

Can we create a View on a table which is not exist in database

In Oracle, it is created with help of FORCE VIEW with Create command. But, In case of MS SQL, it is not possible to create a View on table/view that is not exist in database. [More]

jQuery Interview Questions

As the new trend in software solutions, a developer must be proficient with client-side (scripting) coding apart from his server side coding skills. [More]

.net Interview Questions for Mid Level Developers

a set of 10 questions asked in .net interviews for mid-level developer position [More]

.Net Interview Questions

There could be many thousands interview questions on .net and few of them are asked in different com [More]