How to convert UTF7 string into ANSI in C#

The simplest way to transforming a UTF-7 encoded string is to use the .net System.Text.Encoding abstract class. It internally uses System.Security class library to provide the transform we are targeting for like ASCII, BigEndianUnicode, Unicode, UTF32, UTF7, and UTF8. [More]

C# Delegate – a silent hero behind modern programming

Delegate plays an important role in today's programming model where it is extensively used in Parallel Programming, Asynchronous Programming, PLINQ, Events & Callback methods, Func, Action, Predicates and so on. [More]

How to execute long running SQL query or stored-procedure from .net

SQL Server takes significant time to process (long running SQL statements) which leads to block the execution of your .net code i.e. main UI thread. [More]

How to create your first WPF application in Visual Studio 2013

This article is intended to explain you step by step to create a WPF Application. Creating a WPF application is as easy as the creation of other application types in Visual Studio. This walkthrough is based on Visual Studio 2013 edition. [More]

Thread vs ThreadPool vs Task in .net

Microsoft .net framework provides options to seek concurrency with help of asynchronous operations and parallel programming capability by its TPL and BCL libraries. [More]

How to use MySql with

Visual Studio is a very powerful IDE and very rich in terms of development tools/plugin. We can integrate MySQL for Visual Studio tool with it to make it able to expose/access MySql objects and data. [More]

Asynchronous and Parallel Programming

In case of Parallel programming, there must be multiple threads otherwise how can that get processed/done in parallel. In this case programmer have more control over threads/cores of CPUs. If we say that Asynchronous is of no-wait time & continuous execution then this clears itself that we all talking about a Single threaded mechanism. [More]

Const vs Readonly in C#

In short, when an expression references a constant, the value of constant is obtained at compile time only, it means all expressions replaced with constant value. But, If expression is referencing a Readonly field then the value of field is obtained at runtime. [More]

Book Review - Visual Studio 2013 and .Net 4.5 Expert CookBook

If you are a developer, this book is sure for you. It has been written in that prospective. Each topic has been explained with "How to do it" and "How it works" sections that are really very helpful. [More]

Dynamically adding controls using jQuery

jQuery can be used for recreation of controls which can save server round-trip that was required to handle in each post back if we use server side approach. We have two simple way to get values of dynamically added control's(at client side without server round-trip) at server side... [More]