Conceptual-Diagram - a quick understanding in 2 minutes

Conceptual Diagram - To communicate an abstract idea in clear & concise way without lengthy explanations, a high-level visual representation is used to shows how abstract-concepts are related. [More]

Google Apps for Work

Hot Deal! 20% Off on Google Apps for Work. Register your Google Apps through and avail 20% discount on your first annual bill. [More]

Facebook Tips - Post Privacy group, Follow button on your Profile

How to add Facebook Page like Subscribe(Follow) button on to your Facebook user Profile so that outer world(other than from your friend-list) can also get your public posts in their news-feeds. [More]

Income Tax Return(ITR) form changed to Prevent Money Laundering

Indian CBDT department has changed ITR form for year 2015-16 to prevent money laundering. This time, taxpayers's Aadhaar no will be linked, all bank a/c information, Passport details, Foreign Trip details, Foreign investment details will be collected in order to stop money laundering. [More]

Blogging Tips - manage your content-show with Tags and Category

You need to pay some special attention on your blog to make it more user friendly and maintain or engage your readers. [More]

Google Hangout - a Free Video Conferencing tool

If your business is in startup and economically you want to use some FREE conferencing tools, Google Hangout is for you. Have you ever checked its service? Its very lightweight and easy to start video conferencing. It has a very nice feature "On Air" that makes it slightly different from others free conferencing tools. Once you see its power, I can bet you would not stop yourself to start using for friends group call or for your official meetings. Some noted features are - 1. "On Air" feature 2. Integrated with other Google APIs/services. For example, you can schedule meeting at Google Calender for Google Hangout! You can use Google Drive too! 3. Support many to many meeting [More]