Facebook Tips - Post Privacy group, Follow button on your Profile

How to add Facebook Page like Subscribe(Follow) button on to your Facebook user Profile so that outer world(other than from your friend-list) can also get your public posts in their news-feeds. [More]

How to create your first WPF application in Visual Studio 2013

This article is intended to explain you step by step to create a WPF Application. Creating a WPF application is as easy as the creation of other application types in Visual Studio. This walkthrough is based on Visual Studio 2013 edition. [More]

Action against fraud Universities

It is good to gazette the things in public interest & benefits. But who will take care of closure of these fraud universities and take legal action against them? Only publicizing names is not enough, right? [More]

What is Microsoft Azure?

A datacenter is a center or place where computer machines and other associated compone [More]