Automatically code indent in Visual Studio 2012 and 2010

C# Code auto indent or aligner [More]

jQuery change the label text on radio click

jQuery : How to change the label/span text when my radio option is checked or changed. I created this jsFiddle for someone, you can see it as -HTML Code: <html>    <tr><td colspan="2"> <span id="labelMsgForRadioClick">Select your choice</span> </td>... [More]

jQuery export table data into MS Excel

We can use to export table data into Excel or any required format. It is the easiest and simplest way of creating a file with data without server side trip. requires 2 input parameters for this, (1) the required MIMEtype and (2) element that contains our data table .If you want to export your Gridview data, then place that Gridview inside a container like DIV and supply the DIV to Also, be noted that has its scope and limitations in terms of browser vendors and customizing output file name. [More]