Facebook Tips - Post Privacy group, Follow button on your Profile

How to add Facebook Page like Subscribe(Follow) button on to your Facebook user Profile so that outer world(other than from your friend-list) can also get your public posts in their news-feeds. [More]

How to create your first WPF application in Visual Studio 2013

This article is intended to explain you step by step to create a WPF Application. Creating a WPF application is as easy as the creation of other application types in Visual Studio. This walkthrough is based on Visual Studio 2013 edition. [More]

Action against fraud Universities

It is good to gazette the things in public interest & benefits. But who will take care of closure of these fraud universities and take legal action against them? Only publicizing names is not enough, right? [More]

What is Microsoft Azure?

A datacenter is a center or place where computer machines and other associated compone [More]

English Speaking in the Career Road-map of Software Developers

Most of software developer think their technical expertise is fair enough for their future prospective career road-map. In current trends of software approaches (ex Agile & Scrum), it is uncommon to avoid interactions/discussions in which from development team to scrum master to product owner to business consultants do participate in daily or weekly basis scrum standings or sprint meetings. [More]

The 3 Things - never do at your workplace

Why accuse others? I personally believe in "Karma" and follow "help silently, God sees it and we are bound to God only". [More]

Thread vs ThreadPool vs Task in .net

Microsoft .net framework provides options to seek concurrency with help of asynchronous operations and parallel programming capability by its TPL and BCL libraries. [More]

Income Tax Return(ITR) form changed to Prevent Money Laundering

Indian CBDT department has changed ITR form for year 2015-16 to prevent money laundering. This time, taxpayers's Aadhaar no will be linked, all bank a/c information, Passport details, Foreign Trip details, Foreign investment details will be collected in order to stop money laundering. [More]

Is correspondence courses Crime in India?

India has seen many education scam and shut-down of 40+universities in one shot( case of Chhatisgarh state). You may heard how SMU made huge money by violating the norms of distance education council of India and made billions with help of false & misleading advertising over TV, Internet, and News papers. [More]

Blogging Tips - manage your content-show with Tags and Category

You need to pay some special attention on your blog to make it more user friendly and maintain or engage your readers. [More]