Create a WCF project and host it in IIS without using a .svc file

Is it possible to create a WCF project and host it in IIS without using a .svc file? Yes, indeed. It can be done using Microsoft's great feature which is available since .net version 4.0 [More]

Delete all empty or blank rows from DataTable

Delete all empty or blank rows from DataTable in (none of columns of that row holds any value) [More]

Const vs Readonly in C#

In short, when an expression references a constant, the value of constant is obtained at compile time only, it means all expressions replaced with constant value. But, If expression is referencing a Readonly field then the value of field is obtained at runtime. [More]

Book Review - Visual Studio 2013 and .Net 4.5 Expert CookBook

If you are a developer, this book is sure for you. It has been written in that prospective. Each topic has been explained with "How to do it" and "How it works" sections that are really very helpful. [More]

ToDo before going for interview

Whenever a software expert get interview call to demonstrate his technical skills or expertise, he goes through a mind making phase to crack the interview. The applied position could be anything from software programmer to technical lead. Architect level interviews are quite different and involves higher level of management too. [More]

Tips for making your CV impressive

Making a to-the-specific and to-the-point document (resume/CV) that represents you, is not so hard. Even it doesn't requires professional's touch too. Whenever you start writing your CV, read and read your materials with recruiter’s eyes. [More]

Single-Page Application (SPA) - Future Trends of Technology

Future trend can’t be precisely predicted but a guess work around it. We are going to see SPA as the new trending technology after Web Forms and MVC. [More]

WCF related statements for evaluating True / False

In this post, there are some basic WCF related statements for checking whether they are true or false. Its for a practice purpose. Well what is your score? [More]

Tell me something about yourself

For a technical position, your answer should be limited to 1) your education 2) your experience and 3) skills that is required for applied position [More]

WCF service access permission to a role specific user group

WCF provides us the Role Based Authentication mechanism that can be used for setting service access permission for a specific group. To make it work, we need to do some settings in web.config file as well we need to decorate our those services on which we want to implement this access security. [More]